Thursday, August 28, 2008


An ex-general -- I didn't catch the name, McClellan, Hooker, Burnside, something like that -- is gassing along about Obama.

He is committed to solving Darfur crisis. How? I'd be interested. Does he want to send U.S. troops. I'm not necessarily against that. Just let Obama say that.

Biden gassing along, stridently, bitterly.

Ordinary people speak -- but with that same condescending tone.

"I ... hold ... a ... doctorate ... in ... education."

That same tone that says: you are a pathetic moron, but the government will condescend to save you.

You don't have to be in the elite to have the same contempt for ordinary people -- even for one's self.

What complete tripe. Hillary's supporters are there: the same strident, hectoring tone.

And I'm not sure "yes we can" in Spanish will be a big hit.

"I'm xxxx from xxxx." Another tale of woe.

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