Monday, November 10, 2008

Ronald Reagan is dead.

Good. He's overblown on the right.

Dreher has excellent comments. Some of my own:

-- Social conservatism isn't dead. But it may have concede some battles are lost, or are losers. Gay marriage may be one of them. Perhaps we have to let the states experiment with it and see the results.

-- I disagree on Iraq and Afghanistan in the long run. Freedom is a practical end, as well as an idealistic one.

-- The right needs a coherent picture. "Hamilton's Curse" berates that Founding Father's legacy. But is that right?

Does any party reject? Jefferson and Jackson did not. Nor did Wilson, Lincoln, either Roosevelt, or Reagan, when it comes to that.

Others on the right take a different view, a more Hamiltonian view.

Less government, but a strong nation? How to synthesize that?

Which brings up ....

-- The Big Tent has to be rethought. The right can't be a select coterie. But beware of those Republicans who can always be counted on -- to stab Republicans in the back.

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