Friday, September 26, 2008

It's on

live blog of first debate:

Obama already looks aged.

earmarking as a gateway drug == that's a good line.

Earmarks process has been abused, Obama agrees.

McCain is getting it -- earmarks corrupt.

Now, help for most folks is not a bad idea here.

At seven-twenty-six, I'm not sure where this is going.

We've got to invest in science and technology -- hold on to your wallet.

Fixed-cost contracts -- this is a good line, to me. Do others think so?

McCain -- spending freeze?

McCain takes on -- offshore drilling and nuclear power.

Obama looks presidential. Maybe that's all he needs.

Obama's trope on Iraq may be a political winner.

But so may McCain's rejoinder on the surge.

The problem with Obama's bravado on Afghanistan -- his party will never let him fight. MoveOn and the Senate liberals will never let him do anything.

No soldier dies in vain?

The flaw of the debate format: will Obama's party back his bold words? Of course not.

Will Dems back free trade to root out terrorism? of course not.

Can McCain actually marshal forces as president?

I found this dull, pointless. What would they actually do? Not just talk.

But Obama talks well.

Oh, he says he believes in missile defense, but his party won't back him!

Yes, all in turn. He won't be able to go boldly into Pakistan. Even if he means it.

We have weakened our capacity to project power .... by projecting it!

McCain projects "love" for vets. Powerful.

McCain ends well.

I hate having to read about how everyone else felt.

I don't think it's what you see; the real thing is behind the scenes.

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