Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain move a winner


Marshall calls it 'the biggest 'dog ate my homework' in history." I do think there's something to that--McCain's debate-delaying move seems more than a bit immature and self-indulgent. (As a kid, didn't you used to think, 'Gee, if there was a huge disaster I wouldn't have to take that test'?')

a. Doesn't it work the other way around? Can't Obama be the one who doesn't want to come up with the goods -- action? (Kristol examines this well.)

b. McCain isn't a junior exec -- he's a U.S. senator! He's got a job to do!

c. Driving by a car wreck, McCain jumps out to help, Obama cruises in to the office for the meeting.

d. There's plenty of time for debates. Heck, as Bill Clinton pointed out, McCain wants more! Let Obama debate him more!

e. Let them debate on the Senate floor -- let's go back to the days of Daniel Webster! That is, if Obama has something to say!

f. What if an exec failed to deal with a crisis because he's looking for a new job?

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