Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Palin's on. 9:29

She's good, too. She's the best candidate McCain could have chosen, judging by Mitt, Huck, Rudy, et al.

Is this the day the Republican Party, and thus American politics, changes?

A speech is not only the words, but the situation and the delivery. Like a song or play.

It's coming together for her.

"we put the government of the state back on the side of the people."

My thought: that's the trope: not no government, not the government leading the people, but putting the government on the side of the people.

"that luxury jet was over the top" She put it on eBay!

Sarah Barracuda.

Got rid of the chef.

Those lips pressed together on the veto records.

9:51 -- Oil threat.

He's written two books but no laws. That's a key point: Obama is more a literary than political type.

She has fired up the Republicans, which I thought impossible.

She's got a rapier wit.

She's a hoopster too. Palin v. Obama, one on one.

"the American presidency isn't supposed to be a journey of personal discovery." Ouch!

10:03: Praise the Lord, she's raised the dead -- the Republican party.

Election won? Not by a long shot. But the game is on.

"If our state was going to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves."

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