Wednesday, September 3, 2008

liveblogging -- Romney

Schools free of porn and drugs and promiscuity? Where oh where are they?

He's a clear, forceful speaker. Decent campaigner. Decent jab: Let's keep Al Gore's private jet on the ground.

I can see why McCain doesn't want to stand next to him on a podium.

But I can also see why McCain just plain can't stand him.

Romney has Barackitis -- he can't help basking in the glow of his own admiration.

8:26 Huckabee comes out.

He is affable; as they say, he seems sincere, and if you can fake that ....

He's very good. Sly wit, good line, "tackier than a costume change at a Madonna concert."

Respectful of Obama. Very good. Better than Romney's abrasiveness, here.

Quotes phony Lincoln line about what government can take.

"I didn't want to wait the rest of my life for the government to rescue me."

He's good. Too bad he's a sleazebag.

8:35 -- the McCain story. They have to beware of overusing it.

OK, the story about the teacher and the desks is corny, but it moved me. I'm a wuss, OK?

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