Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Previous post shows why tax cuts are needed more than ever, contra Obama at 7:27.

Obama: a lot of you remember the tragedy of 9/11.


more "call to service."

Obama is just too slick. Little substance, excellent delivery.

Obama: people with higher incomes are living high on the hog. Duh.

McCain isn't bad, that isn't the point.

He's right: don't raise taxes now. That should be obvious.

Tax cut for 95 percent of Americans: a huge amount don't pay taxes!

Another Reagan problem.


Why not just say nuclear power?

McCain -- why doesn't he say that it's the small companies that will probably develop the green technologies?

I'm sick and tired of Obama's slick bs.

What a load of hooey -- that the government and Democrats will reduce costs, without reducing quality.

McCain's plan is better.

But can anyone say -- health care is getting more expensive, and the population is getting older.

I think it should be a right. Right! Then the pointless anecdote.

You can keep your plan -- but it's going to destroy those plans.

This is vital -- regulation vs. deregulation.

McCain: America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world. All right.

Good question: what is the Obama doctrine?

If we could have stopped Rwanda .... so what's the cost? Obama's hypocrisy.

He wanted to stand idly by as Saddam attacked.

We're not going to be everywhere all the time.

Darfur. We could be providing logistical support. But only if we can lead the int. community.

But what if they don't want to follow? You can lead a horse to water ....

Obama and Pakistan. That's the central front. No, he doesn't get it.

Geez, even we bloodthirsty neocons want to attack our enemies, not our allies.

McCain -- answers effectively, I think.

Bombing Iran and North Korea -- well, at least they're enemies.

Why are we talking? I don't care what Obama says. he'll tax the hell out of us, let radicals run amok here, and wimp out overseas.

McCain -- I'm no big fan. But.

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