Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicago, Chicago

Kausfiles: What is it with Chicago? Is it Australia? Do they have to take anybody they can get there? I always thought L.A. was Australia.. ... 2:54 A.M.


I grew up, went to school, worked in suburbs of Chicago for 28 of the first 30 years of my life.

What’s really astonishing is that the national media haven’t pointed out that Obama is a tool of the Chicago political machine, the most corrupt and ruthless political organization in the country. (With all due respect to New Jersey and Louisiana.)

He has never even claimed to be a reformer. Not even his staunchest backers say he was a reformer, or even helped them. He is totally a machine hack.

The problem isn’t JUST Ayers or JUST Rezko or JUST Rev. Wright. It’s that Chicago is such a festering scab of moral and intellectual rot that in Chicaog they seem ordinary. Remember, Obama lived in Hawaii, Indonesia, and then elite collegiate enclaves: Occidental College, Columbia, Harvard, then he lived in Hyde Park, which is basically the U. of Chicago campus. He’s never seen real life, except in Chicago. He thinks far-left professors, wacko preachers and sleazy politicians are perfectly ordinary!

And why hasn’t anyone pointed out that Boss Daley would’ve been proud of the campaign Obama is running: with bucks flowing in from Doodad Pro and lefty thugs from ACORN registering anyone they can.

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