Thursday, October 2, 2008

veep battle liveblog

Of course the moderator is biased. You should have seen her face covering the GOP convention.

Biden on bailout. The worst economic policies we've ever had? What a crock. 

Palin:  "You're going to hear fear." I don't know about this year, but she knows how to connect to people. She's a bit tight.  Gets into that McCain trope.

Biden: he's ignorable. "As many friends on the GOP side." Fraud.

Palin:  She's tight, nervous, by rote. But flashes of that connection.

Palin:  Corruption on Wall Street. She steals that. "We're taking responsibility."  "Never again will we be taken advantage of."

Biden:  regulation is savior.  If they succeed in implanting that meme, we're in trouble.

Palin:  Tax relief?

-- Aside, is hashing through votes a mess?

Biden -- I think he's full of crap, but will people see that.

-- The middle class is the economic engine.  

-- Palin is right: business is the engine.

-- Palin:  on health plan.  "unless you're pleased with the way the federal government is doing anything.'  Good jab

-- Artificial bounds on insurance. She's right. 


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