Thursday, October 2, 2008

more live blog

Hit the wrong button.

7:19 Biden to Palin

Slow down double in foreign assistance.

We can't slow up on education -- but is it the engine, as Biden says?

We are going to eliminate wasteful spending.

His fellow Dems won't let him do it.

7:22:  I had to take on the oil companies.

Palin -- how long have I been at that? Five weeks?  

Palin -- goes back to energy.  Does she come across as tense, or energetic?

Biden -- it's clearly manmade. What a crock it is.

We have a solution -- nuclear power.


Why should we care how he or she looks? Are they, and their parties, going to do the right things?

Palin she is forceful.

The problem is: will Obama, and his supporters, stand fast?  

This is a fundamental difference. 

Your plan is a white flag of surrender. OK, she's strong.  

Who would stand fast, McCain or Obama? Answer is obvious.

Biden: McCain voted not to fund the troops. Nobody thinks McCain would let troops down.

Biden:  must have been drilled to say fundamental.

Moderator seems OK to me.

She's warming up. She's got real intensity.

Biden -- do people seem him as a blowhard?

There have been huge blunders -- she says it just right.

Change is coming. Palin says it well.

I haven't heard how his policy is different from George Bush's .... all right, already.

7:56  God almighty. We only went an hour. Well, who can take any more?

8:02 --  So is he willing to send NATO to Darfur? Is that a commitment?

"Americans are craving the straight talk."  

Yeah, I voted for it, but wasn't really for it.

Biden: lines.  

At that time that country forfeits its rights to say you can't come in there. So he's going to invade 70 nations. 

As this goes on, at 8:07 is he forceful, or does his act wear thin.

Replace regime change? But invade Pakistan?

She's starting to score. "goverment, get out of the way." 

This is a slugfest. She's loosening up.

Have people tuned out by now?

Now she seems a bit stiffer.

Exec branch:  John Adams, George Washington, etc. all saw the vp as more of a legislative office, and they ought to know.

Biden is wrong.

Her inexperience -- good answer.

Biden -- finally shows a bit of humanity.

No more, stop, please for the love of humanity. If I hear their sound bites much more, I'll scream.

I just don't trust Joe Biden. Just don't. 

The whole democrat blame game, the poor pathetic people who need our help.

Biden is proud of Borking!!!

He's proud of politicizing the Supreme Court!

Biden is a Democrat hit man! What chutzpah.

Thank God it's almost over. Maybe I've overdone the debates.

I'm sick of Joe Biden. Good night.

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