Tuesday, October 7, 2008

liveblogging debate

7:14 -- This is the issue: how do we go from here?

Is the problem too much deregulating? Too much wrong regulation?

Why can't they admit no one knows.

Strengthen you as a homeowner? No the problem is some people can't. And a lot of people overbought.

We have a 20th century regulartory system for the 21st century. True.

Families stay in their homes? but what if they bought a house too expensive for them?

workers are the innocent bystanders.

Well, we the people (myself included) have overborrowed.

Clinton surpluses: well, the Internet bubble burst. And there's that Sept. 11 thing.

And why oh why didn't Bush rein in spending?

Obama is very slick. Hell, I'd vote for him if he wasn't so far left. That's the damned shame.

The Democrats can't cut spending. The Republicans might.

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